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wander project bumps, bruises and a lost chair.

The first picture today is of a mistake. I am sure I have made many over the years. This particular one was avoidable and shouldn’t have happened. I was wrestling with a drone, and the propeller invited me to learn about thin plastic rotating at high speed and the resulting impact on an arm. I didn’t need stitches overall, but that was luck. The hazards I guess of drone flying. Not that I do not love flying a drone, but one has to be a little careful. Which, sadly, as we can see from this picture, I was not that day. The rest of today’s pictures are a wander of pictures I have shared a few times previously solve the past three years. I have to look at old posts, sharing them, and sometimes sam reminded of stories.

Today, the story is of the dogs and the chair in my office. The chair was a gift from my wife a few years ago. It is a very comfortable chair. When we moved into our house in Maryland, we decided that the chair was going to be in my office. By we, I mean my wife. By decided I mean she told me the chair was going to be in my office. When we lived in Indiana, I had a smaller office; it was full of furniture and stacked with computer technology. The office is larger now, but still, as you see in the old picture stacked with computer technology. I often get things sent to me to test, check, and verify that it does what the company says it will do so that I can understand what the tech does.

The chair, however, has become a laboratory throne in my office. Both of the dogs (Raven and Dylan) race to get in the chair in the morning. It has become their chair. Neither of my currently visiting Granddogs, Tamsyn, and Serenity, get in the chair. But Raven and Dylan, the race for the chair. The first one that is downstairs in the morning gets the chair. The last picture is of the back part of my office, which actually was being cleaned over the Christmas holidays. But, with the changes has had the amount of stuff in the space, doubled. I am not sharing progress pictures because all my progress is now officially gone.  I also no longer have the mirrors in the back of the office. We replaced those doors with simpler doors.

sometimes you have to be careful

this is my chair

HoloLens is an ar system

that was then, sadly because of the changes it is worse now.


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