Wander project Bubbles over Bloomington

More bubbles, everywhere. One of my sisters or my mother got a bunch of magical bubble machines. I, of course, think back to the wonderful spoof of the Lawerence Welk show, done by Stan Freiberg and the original cast (the bubble machine goes crazy). The sound of a Lawerence Welk impersonator saying over and over “somebody stops the bubble machine” still makes me laugh to this day. It shouldn’t as at best it is a dated comic reference, but it does.

Chasing bubbles is a lot of fun.

Mom always made an effort to have fun activities for the kids. As the older cousins aged, they stopped playing. But the boys are 3 years younger than the other kids in the family so they were playing long after the other kids moved on to more serious activities (giggling in the bedroom being a critical one that the more mature kids did. O making faces at the camera as pictures were taken, I have lots of proof of that last one).

I had fun with the bubbles though. Both watching and taking pictures.

Funny how something as simple as soap and air can make for an amazing afternoon. One of those things that we did, when we were younger. Although I doubt we had the tools mom had for the kids on her back porch that day. We just had a wand and a jar of bubbles.


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