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Wander project Brussels!

I traveled internationally for nearly 15 years. During those travels, I got to see many places I had not seen before and got to return to many places I had seen as a child. One of the places I had never been as a child that I got to go to as an adult was Brussels. A thriving city in Belguim! I have never been when the five cities in 14 days opportunity came up. I would be traveling to Paris, Brussels, Prague, Istanbul, and Lisbon over the course of 14 days.

Paris was the first stop on tour, and from France, we flew to Belguim. Our crew was larger in Paris and Belguim (3) than it would be in Prague (the next stop after Brussels). We did wander around the city of Brussels before our initial meetings with customers. Oh yeah and we did stop in one of the original Godiva chocolate shops. Then one of our crew headed back to Seattle, and the rest of us continued for the first weekend of the trip.

I did manage to find a handmade Chocolatier and took home the most beautiful chocolate creations I had ever seen. They were eaten without comment by the maws in the house where I live. But that is a different story. We also wandered the comic book museum in Brussels and went by NATO several times. Both the main military installation out by the airport and the building downtown in Brussels!

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