Wander project boredom and selfie machines

I am wandering a bit this week, so a personal apology. My family is at home; I am not. I am not reading all the blogs I normally read. Based on that, I promise to catch up over the weekend. These pictures are of an ROV, in our basement. It is a land ROV, not a water ROV. The difference is that you can’t let this one get wet.  I use it in the basement because the floor is perfect for running an ROV.

The rest of the images are from a trip to Gaithersburg to a Japanese Steakhouse. We, by we I mean everyone in the family, love going to places like this. It is both a show and a wonderful fun experience. This particular steakhouse also happens to be the first one we went to in Maryland. There are a few around us, but this was the first, and so far this one is the best one we’ve found!

I love the pictures of the kids on their phones. My wife and I were talking, we looked up, and the kids were all on their cell phones. I do have to admit that gave us a chuckle. In part and because I suspect it is such a generational thing! Sort of like a selfie machine at a wedding. A great idea, but the selfie machine at my wedding was a person walking around with a camera. The social media event, was us pouring over the pictures when we got home later.


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