Wander project boating near Annapolis MD.

There are some rules you have to be aware of in boating on a large body of water. Boats, unlike cars, have lanes, but not always. Coming in and out of Annapolis via water there are lanes (always remember Red right return when you are coming into a marina or harbor area).  Once you are out into the Bay itself or any large body of water, there aren’t specific rules as to where you re supported to be (right side of the road or left side). Instead, there are common courtesy rules.

Powerboats give way to sailboats under sail. Sailboats under power are power boats and also have to give way to sailboats under sail. There are many rules like that as you head out to open water. Some of the rules are pretty simple. Don’t run right next to someone. I think that is an aggression issue that many drivers of cars should also try and consider. Don’t make people nervous about the way you drive.

With a boat, because you can’t turn as quickly there is the concept of show your intentions. If two boats are coming towards each other in open water situations, one should show deference to the other. IT doesn’t matter who, and honestly, most boaters will both show deference. One turning slight to the port, the other turning slightly to the starboard to avoid a problem. The goal of boating is to have fun! It is fun, so relax and let other people have fun as well!


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Written by DocAndersen

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