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Boat cleaning isn’t fun, but it is something you have to do. We had a lot of mud on the boat, so we spent the afternoon Saturday cleaning it out. There are several things we have to make sure are operating perfectly. It is more a safety thing, but there is a level of aspects as well. My wife likes things a certain way, something that you learn over 29 years of being together. It is the evolution of the relationship that you share the things that are important to the other. It is funny. I have a messy office, but I am organized in the rest of what I have. My car always has to be organized. I don’t like it when my car is dirty. My wife has a clean office, but her car is a mess.

We work well together with the two of us. One of the things you learn early on in boating is the importance of both roles. The same, by the way, is also true when riding a tandem bike.  You have to have both members of the team working together in both endeavors. When docking or undocking, pulling away from the dock, working together is critical. The concept of tying off has to be done in conjunction. You work together. The same is true for riding a tandem bicycle. You work together. The stoker, or person riding in the back, starts the bike. They get on the bike second, but they are the launching point for the bicycle. When tying a boat in a slip similar cooperation has to exist.

You have to communicate. Living with a social worker, she, my wife, is all about communication. That is a good thing because if you tie the boat wrong, you can end up slamming the boat against the dock (we did that once last year, ended up with a bit of damage on the back of the boat. You have to tie for the high and low tide. You have to be aware of where the ropes are and what you are tying to, in terms of where on the dock. There is much to know and understand when it comes to boating, riding a tandem bike and ultimately in being part of a relationship. It is about positive communication to move the situation forward. It is about understanding where your partner is and what they need at that moment.

It is a team process, and both parts of the team are critical!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Loving walks does not matter to you where and how you organize them. I personally hold order and purity everywhere. Sometimes it makes me angry that I must be a cleaner in my own home, and others do not appreciate it.

  2. I believe that the boat is doing a lot of work if you want it all in the best order … and if you have one thing you have to maintain it if you want to feel good in it … and here I give you all the support and I totally agree with you

  3. Nobody likes to wash the dishes too but it has to be done, unfortunately 😂😜. Cute narrative. Clean office, messy car – – – that made me smile and wonder if women are all the same. But well, I don’t have a car so 🤷🏻‍♀️

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