Wander project Bloomington IN….

My wife and I both grew up in Bloomington Indiana. Well, I was moved to Bloomington in 1966. My wife was born in the fair city. During her time in Bloomington and particular during her college career, she fell in love with and worked at the Trojan Horse. It is the first Greek restaurant in Bloomington. Well, it may not be the first, but it is the best without question. We’ve stopped on our way into Bloomington at the Trojan Horse for the past six years. We did, when we lived in Greenwood, wander down to the horse twice or more per year. But since moving to Maryland, there isn’t as much time to wander down as in the past. It is a 2-hour plane flight or a 10-hour car drive. Either way. Cost and time make the horse less of a destination.

That means when we go see mom, we go to the Horse! My mother was staying at a friend of the family’s house, so we got to wander to her house and be alone. It was nice to hang out with the person I wanted to hang out with 27 years ago. I enjoy the time we get just to be us. When we got up Saturday, no one else was going to be around. I had some work to do, but we wandered over to the Village Deli for breakfast. That was one of the other places my wife and I went to back before we moved out of Bloomington. We left Bloomington Indiana the end of May 1991. We have been back at least once a year or more since then, but we haven’t lived in that fair city since then!

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I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hang out with my wife, just the two of us. Add to that going to the places we loved when we were dating, and it was just the best possible day. Then, our niece was getting married. The day was magical and one to remember. I will share many more of the pictures and moments from the wedding, but the first moments, were just my wonderful wife and me! Sometimes, after 27 years of marriage, you forget that you choose each other because you get along.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Great journey down memory lane Doc. So happy for you and your wife can be so happy after many years. You said… you forget that you choose each other because you get along.
    Many cannot say that. You are very blessed.


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