Wander project blending holiday traditions

How crazy do you have to be to let ten children have access to dye? Well, we did, and it was a lot of fun! Easter celebration at church a few years ago. Yesterday we started a fire in the fireplace around 9 am and ran it all day. It was cold (high around 35), and the fire was a nice addition to the overall holiday ambiance. We did play classical music during the meal, my wife and I sometimes disagree about what good holiday music is. She likes the old standards all the time; I like a mix of old and new. It has been a long-running disagreement. When we met, she liked a mix of old and new, and I like the old standards. We’ve both moved closer to the other’s original position leaving the disagreement in place!

Over the past 27 years, our holiday traditions have come to be our holiday traditions rather than her traditions and my traditions. Funny how over time, things come together like that. I remember when the twins and our daughter were young staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning Christmas Eve to put toys together. R I grew up in a world where everything was wrapped under the tree. My wife likes to have someone unwrapped left by Santa. Funny, one of my favorite holiday movies is”the Sanda Claus” in which Santa leaves unwrapped presents. So we did that, but when the twins were little we had to assemble the toys first, before putting them under the tree.

Santa, after all, has elves that make the toys, and they are fully assembled.

Now, how long they were assembled is directly proportional to the number of pieces. Some of the action hero stuff they twins got, has 1000’s of pieces. 3 am came quickly. Then sadly we told the kids they couldn’t be up on Christmas Day until after 5 am. 2 hours was not enough sleep. We would then have our Christmas, and then head off to Bloomington (when the kids were little it was only a 45-minute drive). Then I would fall asleep at my parent’s house or not. The or not part was wholly dependent on the number of noisy toys my sisters gave the twins. Twins, just being themselves make a lot of noise. Give them things that make noise also and bedlam ensues.


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