Wander project to the Bay Bridge and Beyond!

Wander project to the bay bridge, and beyond! Sunday’s goal was to wander past the bay bridge. We have driven across the bridge many times. We have sat on the bay bridge for many hours waiting for the other vacationers to also get across the Bay Bridge. This time it was fun to wander under the bridge and look up. Traffic heading east was slow for a Sunday. Normally the traffic pattern would have been returning people (going west) slower and east faster.

The bridge connects the two parts of Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay cuts Maryland nearly in half. The one-half is called the Eastern Shore. To get to Delaware Shore and the Ocean City parts of Maryland (Maryland’s Ocean shore) you have to cross the Bay Bridge (or you have to drive far north, past Baltimore to use the land bridge). The day was perfect for a cruise. We invited my buddy Bill to join us for a run out to the bay bridge!

We were also looking for dolphins but no luck on that front as well. We’ve looked several times and haven’t seen them. I suspect when we stop looking is when they, the dolphins will show themselves to us! There are a couple of fun pictures in the bunch from the water looking up at the Bay Bridge. You don’t realize how massive that Bridge is until you wander under it. It is one huge bridge that stretches over a mile of open water. The Sunshine at our back we bravely wandered underneath. All photos taken by my wife, there was a huge amount of traffic on a Sunday afternoon on the Bay!


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