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The recent news focus on the soccer team in Thailand makes me want to share pictures of Thailand. I have many pictures from the Land of Smiles, having been to the country sometimes. These pictures are from the family trip we took to visit my parents. Mom and Dad were in Thailand in the May/June time frame. Dad was consulting for IPST. Each of the families went to Bangkok for 8 or so days. Our trip to Bangkok was interesting. I have to admit that my wife and I were terrified that the twins wouldn’t like flying. They don’t really like flying, but they were both amazing. 24 or so straight in an airplane is tough for anyone let along a four-year-old twin.

We got lucky based on flight schedules. We flew from Indianapolis to San Francisco on the way out. Our next stop was Narita, where we had about 3 hours between flights. Because we had a United Flight, and because I was a premier customer at that point, we were able to sit in the first class lounge for the 4 hours. That was life-saving. First class lounges or Red Carpet clubs were often the best part of any airport. Narita, the primary airport of Tokoyo is one of the best in the world. My favorite Red Carpet club is the one in Dulles on the international terminal side. It is the nicest overall. The most convenient red carpet club was either of the clubs in Chicago O’Hare.

It took us 26 hours to make it from Indianapolis to Bangkok. Mom was at the airport in Bangkok to pick us up. The twins were incredible. We had gotten them Nintendo game systems before the trip. They slept, relaxed and were exceptionally good travelers. My wife and I on the other hand not so much. I think I slept less on the flight than on any flight I had ever been on. It is amazing what flying with your kids does to you. We crashed pretty early that day but still got to wander around a little. It was amazing to me, the change in Bangkok. At the time we were there, it was roughly 30 years since we had lived there. The Bangkok I remember isn’t the Bangkok of today, But I love both of them!

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