Wander project Bangkok (in search of warmth!)

The reality for me of the cold, although it wasn’t as cold yesterday as the two previous days, is that I am seeking warmth in the pictures I post. I am seeking warmth until the end of winter. These pictures at least will warm the heart wandering back to Thailand, the land of Smiles! On a bad day in Thailand, it is 80 and rainy. On a good day, it is 85 and perfection. That, by the way, is roughly 40 degrees warmer than it was in DC yesterday. It wasn’t a bad day; our high was 45. At least the sun was out.

It is the land also known as Siam. The play, the Kind and I was set in the kingdom. We visited Bangkok and Pattaya when we were there with the kids. The images shared today are from day 2 of our trip, and some are not the best images. The focus on day 2 was the old town, which is truly the old part of Bangkok. We went to old town once on a School Field Trip, Bangkok Patana School (BPS) that I attended while living in Thailand.

BPS was an English school in Bangkok. The international school was a known drug risk, and my parents decided to send me to the English school (BPS) instead. I would say that going to an English school was the single biggest transition I ever made in school. The homework was double, if not triple what I was used to. Additionally, the topics covered were far ahead of what I had been used to back in the States. I had to work hard to catch up!


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