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Wander project Bangkok 2005

The images today are from my weekend (well four day) stop over to see my parents in Bangkok in 2005. I was working in Malaysia, mom and dad were in Bangkok, so on the way home, I stopped. The added segment made my airline ticket cheaper. The four-day layover makes the ticket cheaper still so my company was happy. It was fun to stop in Bangkok again, my third trip to Bangkok. I love Thailand. It is a magical place for me, filled with memories of things that used to be. By 2005 many of the Klongs were gone. The health issue of stagnant water, having been addressed over the time between when I was first in Bangkok and this visit. There are still Klongs in Bangkok just not as many.

Bangkok, sometimes sadly called the Venice of the East. Venice is much young than Bangkok. Venice is the Bangkok of the west. Bangkok as a city is sinking. It is very close to sea level as it exists.  I remember in the rainy season when the streets of Bangkok flooded. Water finds its level in all cases. Dad was working on the first day I was in Bangkok, helping the folks at IPST continue the mission he had started many years before. To have, deliver and improve a system of education designed to improve the quality and impact of science teachers nationwide. Mom, her friend Miss Hart and I went out to lunch that first day. We went to a hotel with a buffet.

The hotel overlooked the river in the heart of Bangkok. My grandfather would have been proud of. I pulled his trick of tipping the server before the mal to bring me the Bill.  I enjoyed pulling that on mom and Miss Hart. I also enjoyed the buffet. That night we went to a wonderful restaurant out on the river, but away from Bangkok not actually in the city.  Thai food is something that I love from Tom Yum, my favorite soup to pineapple. I love the food in Thailand. IPST is off of the same street, well the same main street that we used to live on. Each street called a Soi. They were numbered with even Sois on one side, and odd Soi’s on the other side. When we were first in Thailand, we lived at the end of Soi 12.


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  1. To be honest – this does not look like the most exciting of cities from these photos! I don’t suppose the misty weather helped.

    Do you think that the same will happen with Bangkok as with Indonesia’s Jakarta? In other words, will the capital city have to be moved to somewhere new due to the sinking of the original?


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