Wander project the Baltimore Boat Show

As you walk into the Baltimore Convention center, you see a collection of model boats. A lot of model boats, some of the famous ships some just of cool boat types. I took pictures of every single one because well digital pictures are at some point virtually free (if a camera costs 200 dollars and you take 10,000 pictures with it, the cost per picture goes down to pennies). The actual boat show was in the lower section of the convention center (street level).

I suspect, if you think about it, moving the 400 plus boats into the convention center took 2 or 3 days. Making it easier to move them in and out would be a good goal for the convention center. They didn’t bring some of the huge boats into the building. Those stayed outside in the inner harbor. I would doubt many people went over to the inner harbor in the rain on Sunday to see the bigger boats. Saturday was probably a better day for that!

We did get to see several interesting types of boats. Plus they had all sorts of interesting vendors sprinkled amidst the boats. Maps, electronics, boat storage and life jackets all on display! I have to be honest and say I spent a lot of the time wandering around thinking about how they got the boats into the convention center. I know that kind of destroys the magic of the show, but it was something that I found really interesting to think about!

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