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A great comment keeps rolling through my head this morning. There are things we have to remember. I know yesterday was a tough day for many people. But Alex’s comment about remembering resonates. First off, there are so many things we remember. So many moments that we hold dear. Those are the treasured memories that make us who we are. The composition of us, comprised of thoughts, pictures and course memories. I started my family history project sharing images and memories of my father. I do understand that memories like the pictures, smells or sounds that evoke them are owned by the person sharing them. They are not owned as an “only” view. They are shared as that specific person’s recollection.

My mother always says “it is your memory.” It is, and in that ownership lies the reality. I won’t wander into the impact of technology on this ramble, but there are a future state people the information age, that lies ahead. Why does it sill lie ahead? Because too much information is not available freely, it lies in the heads of people. Not shared but taken with them when they go. Never good enough, never shared just held tight. In that holding tight we lose something. In part, we lose the connection to what is someday to become an information age. We also, however, lose a piece of the subtlety of moments. The shaping of memories and the sharing of memories are two different acts. Without both, there is less there.

I will end with my standard plea share the pictures. Share the thoughts. Share the memories before it is too late. Pictures are wonderful when there is a memory attached. They, pictures, don’t have audio clips attached to them. In taking the picture, the thoughts, the words the ideas of the very photographer captured and embedded in the image as an Mp3. Listen now to my words ye mighty so that we may share. Let us embrace the Carpenters song “Sing a Song.” In particular let us embrace the line “don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing.” It may never be good enough. There are people in this world who are justified in telling you it is not good enough. But they are wrong about you and what you are sharing. Everything we keep in our heads and do not share is lost forever.

To borrow from Dylan Thomas Do not go gentle into that night, share, share so that the light will never fade.


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Written by DocAndersen

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