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Wander project as life swirls around me

For those of you who do not know, my daughter is getting married on the first day of the 9th month of the year 2019 in Maryland. I have spent the past few days remembering stories for my wedding speech. Good stories, heart-tugging stories. I promise I am not going to cry! Each child has a unique path that they wind through your lives.

My daughter is someone that has impressed me many times. She declared that she was going to be the best big sister ever before the twins were born. I know adults that run away from diapers and runaway from feeding twins. She didn’t she was there thick and thin. Fun jobs, like with the twins, she was there. Tough jobs like cleaning up puke she was there.

That was why I knew she asked for a dog that she was ready to manage the responsibility. She had already done it for humans. For the next ten days leading up to the wedding, I am going to share old pictures of my daughter, and stories. Today I am launching this new wander project bit. I have done focused bits like this in the past. I have two goals. To share the stories of a wonderful person and to prepare me for the huge reality of adding a son to the family.


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  1. This is very good news. I assume you are very busy with marriage. I want everything to work out well and your daughters good luck. I understand that these are difficult times for parents. But life is like that.

  2. Parents wish well for their children knowing one day they will move out of their house or will not spend most of their time with them. But, they don’t want to accept that fact because it’s hard to admit it.
    May they live long to celebrate their union. Cheers!


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