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wander project are we alone?

Freedom, Janice Joplin told, is “just another name for nothing left to lose.” In her song Bobby McGee. All of us, sitting in our homes, or the homes of family members now, have lost the freedom of movement we once discarded without thinking about it. If you think bout the consumer world we are in, the consumption of time is the one thing we’ve lost that may never return. I read an excellent essay on another site. It is a rhetorical question.


the focus now, for the most part, is the search for extraterritorial life, or life beyond the edges of Earth’s Atmosphere. It is the search for Aliens. Although interestingly, a person that enters a country they are not from is also called an alien. I wonder if travelers once donned green masks as they chased the border patrol and customers of the land they were entering.

Robert Heinlein wrote a book, “Stranger in a strange land,” the story of a child from a mission to Mars, whose parents died. The child was adopted by the native Martians and taught a different way. He indeed was a Stranger in this new strange land as he returned to earth. We, as a species, have had forced confinement in the past. In the middle ages in Europe, the inability to force people to stay home resulted in a cast she epidemic that killed nearly 1/3 of the people on the planet.

We are now stranger sin our own homes. Living inside what once was a castle, and is now a prison. But, we are not prisoners. We choose to solve a more significant problem by giving up some freedom. There will be travel again. There will be sporting events. For now, we share simple happy thoughts and pictures of beautiful flowers to help pass the time.

Today is the first day. Let’s laugh and share happy thoughts!

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      • Mine were kind of confused. We never did neighborhood walks. The usually get the leashes on to go hiking, as soon as we hit a trail off goes the leash. I figured I had better do something though, they really need to get out. Do you take them together or individually?

          • Thanks, just wondering. I think I am going to try them each alone. Luna has come to rely too much on Meika. I am trying to get her confidence up. She acts like a mini aussie. Nervous, shaky, kind of like a chihuahua. lol. Just trying to figure out what to do to help her.

        • we have the opposite problem. We have Dylan who just loves to walk. Raven doesn’t as much. but she loves to be with her twins.

          funny. Raven is fine alone, Dylan is fine alone. Just one loves the walk, the other likes the walk!

  1. As long as we have internet at home, the lock down is not so bad.

    One of the shower thoughts I read why researching for my post: “What if Earth is like one of those uncontacted tribes in South America, like the whole Galaxy knows we’re here but they’ve agreed not to contact us until we figure it out for ourselves.”

  2. We are not alone even if only our thoughts are our companion. Our thoughts are sometimes mischievous companions. Random thoughts pop into our heads. These thoughts just show up at a weird time.

    As I’m reading you article and the word “lockdown”, the thought pops into my head:

    So this what house arrest is like. When your home is the jail cell.

    Then another thought … But they have lockdown activities at our church, where the kids are locked in the building overnight, and the kids always have fun.

    The next stupid thought:
    Well if there are aliens on another planet, I wonder if they’re dealing with coronavirus.
    And? Are they watching us from a distance to see how we deal with it? Maybe they are just as bewildered as we are. (O.o)

    Nope. I’m not alone. I’m living with a weirdo inside my mind. LOL. 🙂

  3. Are we really alone? We are with our thoughts, our emotions which are oftentimes they are in conflict with each other, so how are we alone even in our loneliness. We are never alone with our social media and gadgets. We are never alone.
    Our soul, if you believe is constantly in touch with God.

  4. Lovely photos, I have alway thought that the universe is far too big, not to have other life forms other than that on earth.

    I once was near a base in Woodburn that has been put up by americans to study UFOs.

    On the other hand, I have often wondered if the so called UFOs were manned by people on earth? could be could not be..


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