Wander project another visit to London!

As I said over the years, I was fortunate enough to visit London several times for work.  I got to work with some UK based companies, and with a lot of folks in the company that lived there. Over that time I found that London is a place you can have a relaxing time. Yes, I was always on the run, always trying to get things done, but there are a wonder and a majesty in the city itself. I loved, for example, standing next to the remains of the Roman wall that surrounded the London that Rome protected nearly 2000 years ago. Walls are interesting now, but then were imposing battlements meant to keep the barbarians on the other side of the gate. To keep them out of the city that was to be London.

Another lesson I learned was the London Cabs are a hoot. Vastly different than the yellow cabs of the US. Plus the Cabbie normally was willing to talk, to share to explain as you drove into the city. I didn’t often take cabs other than coming from and going to the airport. I didn’t get a rental car in London ever. I have memories of my first experience with someone reversing the side of the road they usually drove on. My father, many years ago, after we landed in Ireland, ended up sideswiping a car. I drove once in Malaysia, but that was as bad as driving in NYC.  I did drive once as well in Holland, but not in Amsterdam, I drove in the Dutch countryside and had a blast.

I also took to heart the fact that London is not much different from Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and other major European Cities. Very much different than many US cities, but more because there are so many more buildings that have historical significance. Wandering through Westminster Cathedral brought a smile to my face, to see the places where great people rested, but also because of the old song.  I love walking along the Thames. One of my customers had an office building right on the river. As we made our lunch the first day, we took it out on the veranda or porch and sat watching the boats go up and down the Thames. A day I will never forget. London is a magical city!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. If I wasn’t so scared of heights and as such of flying, I would surely visit London. It is a grand old city with a lot of history behind still represented by its monuments, statues, roadways etc.

      • Ha!Ha! I have to admit, to my great dismay or even shame, I never thought of going to England via ship. How stupid can one guess; it only applies to me. I guess I hear so much about speed, the rat race etc. that I forgot about a leisurely boat travel option. But I have to add another fact about me here: I am a very homebody person who rarely goes out except for the occasional and essential grocery outing and the occasional walk. That is why I miss my sweet Tasha (my dog) as she used to take ME out for walks.


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