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Wander project Annapolis (sub header – turning one day into five)

 The magic of turning one day into five. Well, it isn’t magic, it is the reality of sharing pictures and not be able to share many more than 15 or so per day. The last few pictures were taken at the end of our day Saturday. It was a wonderful evening although locking the keys in the boat, was not the optimal way to deal with the end of the evening. It added a couple of hours of unrest to the end of the day. I guess such happens from time to time.

One of the things we were concerned about, as we were waiting for the over-charge that was a locksmith (I am going to figure out the company name and post a Yelp review) was the wedding reception or party going on up the creek. There is a party pavilion at the marina we used to keep our boat at (port Annapolis). They were playing loud music until roughly 11 pm. Or, we couldn’t hear it because we were pretty much zonked after the Locksmith left.

Luckily the music stopped as the Locksmith arrived. We walked up to the main building of the marina to wait for the Locksmith. I was able to get a couple of moon pictures with the clouds around the moon.  The busy world of a marina is so much different with the fall of night. The bustle that is the daily fuel dock in and out goes away as the sun goes down. There is a peaceful quiet that spreads outward like the darkness.

Onward to the night goes the moon.


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