Wander project Annapolis (missing the boat)…

I truly miss boating. So today I am wandering back to one of our last boat trips of the year. During the Annapolis National Sailing Boat show. It is a long name (they have a power boat show the next weekend). There were more sailboats in the Annapolis harbor than I have honestly seen in my life up to that point (well not completely true we did go to the boat show the year before, we drove to the show that last year).

This year we boated our way from the marina to the show. We were going to have lunch at one of the pull-in restaurants, but their docks were closed. We did still have lunch but did so on land after the boating experience. It was fun to roll by all the boats. As I said in starting today, I miss boating. I miss being out on the water. The old Christopher Cross song comes to mind, the times in my life that are special are the times I spend on the water.

Today we wander back to boating season. Now just 86 days away! Perhaps I should post a countdown timer on my blog. Only 28 days until Christmas. On 35 days until 2018 and only 86 days until boating season commences again. Sure the first couple of boat rides of the year you bundle up and wear heavy coats because 50 degrees in the air is more than 20 degrees on the water, the air is much cooler over the cooler water. But it is boating none-the-less, and I would rather freeze on the boat than sit on land!


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