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Wander project Annapolis MD…

One of the things that I learned from my father when taking pictures is quirky. My grandfather and my father always took pictures of historical markers. I would like to say now, all these years later that I don’t. I am going to say that, but frankly, it isn’t true. I do as well. I think it is something in the Andersen gene’s passed down to the generations. Thou shalt see historical markers, thou shalt takes pictures of historical markers. Then thou shalt make fun of those who dost not do the same things and ask them why does thou not takest pictures of historical markers?

Or it is just a weird quirk in my family. I think that is probably the answer. Anyway, wandering Annapolis. I’ve posted more than 40 images of snow in the past few days, and I am weary of snow. The snow on the ground in the DC area has melted. That makes the front yard of our house a muddy mess. Not by the by just our front yard that makes most of the green areas around our house and on our walk a muddy mess. Dylan doesn’t like getting his feet dirty.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. He likes getting dirty, but he doesn’t like it if humans clean his feet. His preference is that he cleans his feet not me. Worst of all is when my wife takes out the garden hose to clean dogs feet, that is always met with unhappy dog faces. Dylan and Raven both love snow, and they are both happy that the cold weather has returned. They would never miss a walk, but they don’t like walking when it is really hot.


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