Wander project Annapolis MD

There are a couple of things that happened to me this morning as I looked at images of the Bay. The first is looking at the pictures of me; it is time to buy some smaller shirts. The ones I have now are a way to big. The other thing is all the Debris in the bay. Many years ago I was in Las Vegas twice in one year for some meetings. The first meeting was Thursday to Tuesday. That means I had time on a Sunday to wander off and see the Hoover Dam. The only reason I remember that is I asked the twins what they wanted when we spoke on Saturday. I was for a moment taken aback by the answer I got. “I want a Dam t-shirt.” One of the twins said. As I said for a second, I was taken aback.

“huh?” I replied. When the twins were younger and accidentally used a word they shouldn’t use a pause from me would normally correct that. This time the twin simply repeated, “I want a Dam Tshirt.” Yes, children often try to find ways to curse in front o their parents. I was slow this time. I had previously mentioned to the twins that I was going to see Hoover dam the next morning. The twins saw the perfect opportunity to make me uncomfortable, and they took it. Not, mind you that I mind people in various situations cursing. Rather, when it is your children, it is different. Don’t ask me why it is different. It is one of those, don’t do this because I told you not to do this thing parents have.

I did finally get that the twins wanted Tshirts from Hoover Dam, Not a Damn Tshirt, a t-shirt from the Dam. They thought that was funny for several years after it happened. Ergo a few days ago my posting the Wander Project to Annapolis with Dam Debris. The debris is coming from New York all the way down the river to clog the Bay. Not really but well, you get the idea. A Hoover dam t-shirt by the way is a keepsake everyone should have. My favorite and the one I didn’t buy them was “My dad went to Hoover Dam, and all I got was this Damn shirt.” I didn’t buy it, but I did think about it. It was probably a good thing I didn’t get that shirt in the end, They would have worn it, and picked on me more.

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  1. Great memories shared again Doc. The photos were cool, it is nice to be out on the water. Hard to describe how free you feel. By the way, it’s always good to have to buy a shirt smaller, not bigger. And a cute story about the Hoover Dam shirt, I probably would have bought it..

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