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A day on the Bay. Day Bay or Bay Day? Not sure which would fit but both are right. Yesterday was hot, muggy and there were a lot of boats out and about. We didn’t go far out into the bay because of all the other boats, but we did wander by Mama Osprey one, Mama Osprey two and Mama Osprey three. All three, by the way, glaring at us for daring to be on her Bay. Once upon a time, Osprey nested on shore. That led to them becoming a threatened species. Now they use the various boating guides as nesting places and glare at human beings that go by. They are off the threatened list but now are protected. That means they have the right of way! So glaring is allowed by the Osprey.

Yesterday was humid. It is interesting because humidity impacts the overall temperature a lot more than people realize. The more humid it is, the more difficult it is for your body to cool itself. Our cooling system uses evaporation to reduce the heat of our bodies. When the humidity is in the high 80 to 90% evaporation isn’t as effective. That means your body can’t cool itself as quickly. Ergo the phrase hot and sticky. Because your skin, the air and everything around you is hot and sticky. It managed to rain a little yesterday, which brings the air temperature down but leaves the humidity high. That humidity makes for an uncomfortable walk in the afternoon! I think all of us were dragging by the end of our shorter summer walk.

We take water for the dogs when we walk in the summer. It makes for a good excuse to stop and give them water in the shade!

Yesterday was 82 degrees and 84% humidity, so we stopped three times.

When Dylan was younger, he never wanted to stop while on the walk. Then one day we were walking in the park near our house. My wife said she was hot and stopped. Since then Dylan stops whenever he feels like it. Must be nice to be in charge of well everything!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Certainly interesting photos. You are close to the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, we get very high humidity in Auckland New Zealand in summer and that is very hard for a lot of people. Often up to 90%, its like breathing in warm water. You need to drink water a lot and also I’m learning to swim, which will help in the summer.


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