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Wander project Annapolis MD.

Today begins with an image of Forlorn. Raven has a gift for looking like every sling and arrow pierces her heart. The brown eyes though are the worst part. When she turns those big sad brown eyes on you, all is lost. Well, all is lost for me. The four dogs that live with us now know me as the biggest soft touch. I always share what is left on my plate with the dogs. Each of them getting a turn to enjoy a little people food.

Based on dietary changes, the amount of people food on my plate has decreased radically in the past three years. I guess such is the way things go as you age. You eat less so that you don’t gain more! Anyway, the rest of the images for today are of boating on the Bay in and around Annapolis Maryland. The dogs come with us boating from time to time. Not every time, as that would disrupt their naps.

We were mesmerized by the paddle boarder and the dog. The dog, standing with its master on the paddle board did an amazing job. In part, because if you rock the paddle board, everyone gets wet. In part because the dog had obviously learned how to work with its master on the Paddle Board. From our marina to the Bay you cruise for a little bit at very low speeds to get to the open water. The paddleboarder and dog were in the area before the open water where everyone goes slow!


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  1. I love this article, My dogs always got into the water when we would go fishing, I do not know how they got away without getting snake bit at some of those fishing hole.