Wander project Annapolis Maryland

The first pictures in this blast are the mighty D and Raven. My mother was in town for a visit, and we decided to head over to Annapolis to visit the boat and to stop by the Greek Festival. I think my mother and my wife thought I said Geek Festival, they both enjoy Greek food, but they thought it was going to be a computer gathering. I think they were happy with Greek Food instead. Anyway, the dogs couldn’t go because we were going to the Greek festival and there was much complaining and gnashing of teeth.

We had a battery issue that day on the boat, so there are no water pictures to share. But we did then wander over for greek food. The story of us, which was a great romantic movie many years ago, is around Greek Food. The first time I met my wife, I was a freshman in high school, and she was a senior. On April Fools day she was wearing a white Rabbit suit. I asked her if she had the time, making an Alice in Wonderland reference. She looked at the lowly freshmen asking and just walked away. Many years later we were talking about high school, and I mentioned the story of the white rabbit and asking her for the time. My then finance looked at me differently from then on (you were the idiot that asked me what time it was?)

My future wife and I met a couple more times over the years. The next time was when a friend wanted to introduce me to a waitress at a local Bloomington Indiana Greek Food tradition, the Trojan Horse. We met, talked for a moment but the timing wasn’t right. But, greek food is an integral part of that story of us. We both love greek food. My favoarite is the Gyro. Even, if it is a word many people mispronounce! I love the mix of lamb and beef cooked on a spit and served with cucumber sauce!


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Written by DocAndersen

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