Wander project Annapolis Maryland

Wandering to the boat is what we do on Sunday’s (Saturdays or the occasional Holiday Monday). From the end of March to the end of October we are out on the water. We don’t hunker indoors the rest of ht year; we just take the boat out of the water during the winter. Boats, in the water, have to be handled differently than boats on land. A boat on land would only be impacted by high wind. If the snow falls on the boat and the ground freezes below the boat, oh well. If you are in the water and the water freezes, you run the risk of cracking the hull of the boat. The other thing that happens is the boat gets power watches. That cleans off everything that grew on the boat over the last two months (since it was last power washed).

The other fun project that happens this time of year is the wood delivery. We have a wonderful woodstove in our house. My dad had one at the farm, and I remember teasing him about that at the time. Now I understand the value of a woodstove! I guess once again dad was right; I just didn’t know it at the time. They deliver a cord of wood to the front of the house (dumping it on the driveway). From there we move it to the back of the house on the patio by the shed. That project involves the wheelbarrow and a little over (according to the Twins) 1,000,000,000,000 trips up and down the side hill of our yard. The cruelty of parents outweighing the value of warmth in the winter. I guess in fairness I didn’t like moving wood when I was younger, either.

It isn’t that the twins don’t see the value, they don’t like moving wood. Once the wood is moved to the patio, the vast majority of the overall moving of wood back into the house is done by twins. The warmth of a fire, offset by carrying wood. Although, I think if their dog (Raven) who loves the fire asked them they might do it for her. Probably not, when I think about it, but one can hope! Raven, Dylan, Serenity, and Tamsyn all have to wrestle my wife for spots close to the fire.  Those are the five fire creatures that live in the house. The dogs love the fire because it warms them after a long cold winter walk. My wife is always cold. When the temperature dips below 70 she is cold.

The season of change and the change of seasons!


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Written by DocAndersen

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