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Wander project Annapolis at night!

The pictures today are of the inner harbor of Annapolis Maryland. It, the inner harbor, is a place we have often visited. First, because the area around the inner harbor is filled with restaurants and there are several that we love stopping at. It was oft the site of “date night.” Not that we have to “date out spouses,” rather that sometimes you have to go and be a couple without kids. Our relationship began with a child already in place. It makes “date night” more important overall. We didn’t have the advantage of a couple of years to start a relationship before kids. I guess that is why we have been very adamant all along about time to be just the two of us.

That my wife is a pretty good egg overall, now we like to wander to the boat and hang out together. This year I am going to introduce my wife to fishing. Dropping the anchor of the boat, and relaxing trying to catch fish. We are also going to drop the ROV into the river and see what can be seen. I guess, indirectly that is another form of fishing, just fishing with a camera. Do bass pose for pictures when you send a camera down? My wife will not swim in the Bay (it is yucky is the direct quote). But luckily we have many other activities. One of the fun things about Annapolis as a place, is we know the majority of the places we like to wander. We’ve been to most of the shops.

We know the restaurants, There is a spice shop in the middle of the main drag that we love to go to. They have a greek spice mix that is amazing. They also have flavored salts and steak rubs. Plus that they lots of different kinds of teas. A fun shop to go to. There is also a store that has my wife’s favorite purse. It is a large purse with a small purse inside. Finally another store that sells Lab Gear. Not laboratory gear, but Labrador retriever gear including hats, sweatshirts and so on. I have a Lab Hat. My wife has lab sweatshirts. All are fitting the motif of “Labs Lair Too” the name of our boat named for Raven and Dylan, who come to visit the boat from time to time!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Who said one should not date a spouse? I would if I have one. Lol! That is how couples nurture the friendship in marriage. Friendship is what counts when the passion is gone ?. I tried fishing and then realized I was not born to be a fisherman ???


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