Wander project Annapolis, and Dam Debris. (from a Dam in New York I suspect)!

Dam Debris, everywhere, someone let the trees out. I went to the Bay to see dolphins and all I saw was trees, in the water. I won’t bore you with all the stupid things I can come up with. We decided not to traverse the Severn River (it comes from up north!) We instead rolled towards Annapolis. Interesting, there is only one restaurant that supports docking your boat and getting food in the outer harbor of Annapolis. Jerk chicken was not an option. (in part because of the jerk captain I was told!) No one wanted Jamaican food, so we wandered around the outer harbor. The inner harbor is a lot more crowded than the inner harbor. The debris was horrible, but you could see lots of branches in the water.

Plus,  it was the first sunny, not cooler day on Sunday. There were Kayakers and sailboats out. The rule of the road for Kayak and Paddleboardrides is to give them a wide berth. They are not bound to the same rules as the rest of the boats are on the water. PWC’s are supposed to follow the same rules as boats under power. (PWC is a personal watercraft sometimes also called a JetSki). Sailboats under power (engines) are required to follow the same rules as power boats. Sailboats under sail get the right of way. Kayakers also get the right of way as do Paddle Boarders. I wonder given that the Kayak or Paddleboard would be easier to maneuver who gets right of way between them as a sailboat under sail. My guess would be the sailboat.

I suspect in the hour and a half we were out and about on the water we saw enough lumber to build the back half of Abe Lincolns Boyhood home (located in Southern Indiana for those interested in the history of where America Presidents grew up). None of it could be, however, used as lumber anymore. A lot of it was waterlogged to the point of being dangerously below the surface. My wife wondered aloud why anyone would have a PWC in the ChesapeakeBay. Her words were “the water is yucky. I wouldn’t even dip my toes in it.”That is the advantage of power boating and docking; you never have to dip your toes into Yucky. Although you do from time to time have to grab ropes that have been in yucky.


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Written by DocAndersen

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