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I have not traveled more than three times a year in nine years now. I don’t miss travel. I don’t miss buying a new suitcase every other year because of wear and tear. Although I did buy a new bag that was more so that my wife and I had better suitcases for our trips. But it does bring to the front of the most critical things, what bags do you travel with. When you travel by car, it doesn’t matter as much. If the bag rips in the trunk of your car, oh well. But when you travel by plane, train or boat. The ability of your suitcase to stay together becomes a lot more critical. Over the 12 years, I was in the air, and I tried so many different kinds of bags.

I had hanging bags that I carried. Those weren’t bad and kept your clothes less wrinkled, but when you travel internationally, you then have to take that bag further, so I moved to a wheeled suitcase. When you consider your future suitcase, it is essential to remember the following straightforward rules. First of all, anywhere in the world, the airport security team may choose to open your suitcase. If you have a lock that wasn’t designed for a suitcase, they will cut that lock. So make sure you get the TSA or EUSA approved locks for your bag. That way, you won’t lose your lock every single trip. Then you have to consider how long your trip is and what you are taking with you.

I switched to rolling bags to protect my sore shoulder. But there is another choice. Carry on versus checked bag. I know many people that swear by carryons. They don’t check their bags. I came to realize during my traveling career that the reality for me was it was easier to check my bag. But you do need to consider if that is your choice. Carryon bags are smaller and carry less. Checked luggage adds about 20 minutes to your arrival time (waiting for the bags).

So your big choices are carry on – or check. Carry or wheeled luggage and finally making sure you have a security-friendly lock!

Sad that nearly 20 years of travel boils down to three simple decisions.

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  1. You are a very funny man. I love your posts. You made my head spin with this one. I can see why you do not travel much now. You really gave us a lot to choose from in order to travel. I am glad that I do not travel outside of Israel and lately have not traveled here either. I like to stay at home or go to places where I can take day trips and come up and sleep in my own bed. Could you see me taking Sophie with me on trips. She would hate it and it would not be fun for either one of us.


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