Wander project a meeting I didn't attend. Journey with me now…

Journey with me now, to an event no one recalls. It comes at a time known, because the metadata of the pictures put the time of the event in July 2015. The people that mill about are known but unknown, and we are lost in the twilight zone.

In all honesty, this was a meeting that my wife took pictures of, but she doesn’t recall a lot about the meeting, and I know even less, Being that today is the 2nd of October and 59 years after the first airing of the twilight zone on television it felt like the perfect pictures to share today. Or it feels like these were the pictures that needed to be share.d

There was a time when I only watched the Twilight Zone when it aired during the afternoon. I spent the night at a friends house when I was 9 or so. We stayed up and watched the late night movies on Channel 4. Sammy Terry was the host. He would introduce the movies. He wasn’t scary, and the movies were usually not scary as well. But when the movies were over around midnight, there were two syndicated shows the played. The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone. We watched those, I don’t recall the specific episodes, I’ve watched both since then, and they didn’t scare me as much now as they did that night. But I found myself at 4 in the morning unable to sleep. I never told my friend or my mother and father why I was so tired the next day. I suspect my mother knew something was wrong, but she didn’t push, and I never shared.

I lay alone in the darkness pondering the reality the Rod Serling had just narrated, the journey he had taken us on. The moral of the story resonating with a 9-year-olds brain for a long time.


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