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Some pictures of Italy and a hospital. My daughter broke her toe, all they do is tape the toe so that it can’t move, no cast, but it was broken. Family legend is she was kicking one of the twins. Reality is she was walking and stubbed her toe.  The pictures start out on my parent’s porch, from their then house now, old house. Dad was always experimenting with different ways to grow things. Then we wander to the hospital. We were at the time of these pictures living in Greenwood Indiana. The hospital was pretty near the house. We spent about 3 hours that evening in the emergency room; I told my daughter before we went, that all they could do was tape the toe. Oh well.

The next few pictures are of the Indianapolis International airport and people waiting to get on a plane. I cannot tell you how many times I last in the various terminals of the airport waiting. Over a million miles flown from 2000 to 2011. I have flown a total of 30,000 miles since 2011, but in the 10 or so years I was traveling, well more than a million miles (I have the plaque from United for one million miles, plus 100,000 or so on Delta and another 200,000 on Northwest). Sometimes I would travel to two, three and even four cities in a single trip. There were trips when I went to Chicago, then Des Moines, Madison and then back to Chicago to go home ina five day week!

The last pictures are of Milan Italy. That was a business trip and one that was pretty forgettable. I had changed teams and was working for a team that was confused and lacked structure. They had a lot of people pulling them in a lot of directions none of which were going to work. Funny how people sometimes rise to the highest level of where they shouldn’t be.

That wraps of what I will call the eclectic picture share for today. Lot’s of pictures bounding around. All from my cell phone. Nowhere near as many pictures as I would take, now. But that was it for then!


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