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Today a hodgepodge of pictures from a 2018 my views back up. I often do backup my movies folder on my computer; you never know when you modify a picture or add an image to that folder that isn’t anywhere else. So, copy and paste that folders contents into another folder.  The first picture is a watercolor painting done by an artist that lives in Bloomington, Indiana, of Beck Chapel. Beck Chapel is a place I spent a lot of time for many different reasons. It sits on the Campus of Indiana University. The greats that founded the university are buried in the tiny cemetery that sits near the Chapel. It isn’t a considerable chapel overall, but it is nestled beautifully in the woods.

The painting has a different meaning for me now. It was given to me by my parents. But while my dad was a great photographer, I suspect my mother picked the painting. One of my fondest memories is when mom was painting. She is a master of making quilts, but when I was little, she used to paint with oil paints in the garage. She never claimed to be good, and if asked would tell you she wasn’t right, but mom was always willing to try new things. My understanding and love of certain types of art come wholly from my mom. It is funny as you get older, you begin to realize just how much influence your parents had on you, as a child, an adult, and in general.

For me, my expression of art is poetry. I have written poetry for many years. I wouldn’t say that I could retire on the money made from my poetry. It isn’t very much overall. But once upon a time for a birthday gift, my mother took some of my poems and had them bound in a professional book. That book sits in my office and has been in my office for many years. I treasure that book. The poems are ok. I was learning to be a poet then. But mom believed in me. She believed in me at a time in my life when I didn’t believe in me. Mom did believe in me. She does believe in me to this day. It is the gift that she gave us as a parent (that and teaching to swallow pills easily!). That someone always believed in us!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

Beck Chapel Indiana University

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