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Wander project a Family event.

The pictures today are from my mother’s house. It is a family event in December 2017 (Christmas). We had a party at our house and then drove to Indiana. We stayed at a hotel because we took Dylan and Raven with us. All the dogs, mom’s and ours, get along pretty well. Mom has a dog door and a huge backyard. The dogs love to go out and run around like crazy people. They are however older now. They don’t run now, as long as they used to when they were younger. The large poodle is Napoleon. Mom has three poodles and a Scotty. The Scotty, Nelson, was my father’s dog. He and Nelson used to play in dad’s office for hours. Fetch was Nelson’s favorite game. He would scamper across the floor.

Then grabbing the stuffed animal, he would run back to dad and start over. I suspect Nelson misses my dad. I wonder, based on movies like “A Dog’s Purpose” as well as many others, what do dogs think when their person is gone. It is something I have wondered about for years. I remember MacGregor, our Collie when I was 8 or 9 years old. Mac loved my father more than anything on earth. He was very sick, and the vet came to our house. The vet told my mother that Mac wouldn’t make it through that night. My father was a trip out of town. The vet came to the house on Thursday and said Mac wouldn’t make it until Friday. My dad wasn’t going to be home until Monday.

Mac didn’t move for three days. He didn’t die, but he didn’t move. Sunday morning when my father got home, Mac, as he had done since the first day he joined our family, struggled to his feet and walked to greet my dad. He died that night. I cried for hours. I remember taking his body with my father to dispose of him. I cried the entire time. My dad said “Don’t cry, Mac wouldn’t have wanted you to be sad. Remember all the fun things.” I tried, I was sad for many days after that, but I did remember and do remember so many of the happy things. Mac was a grand dog. He was collie like Lassie. He loved my father more than anything on this earth. That’s why I wonder what Nelson thinks now that his dad is gone.


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  1. Such wonderful memories and I agree that animals become like members of the family and they live along with the family. I have good memories of some previous cats I have had. I have a question for you since this is a photo gallery. I am also putting in some photos and on your gallery here and on mine whenever I try to comment or respond to a comment beneath a photo the page freezes up and I have to reload it. Yet, the only place I can respond is here in the comments but I wanted to respond to some of the things people said on the photo I posted and it just kept freezing up. Any idea what is going on?


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