Wander project 1963

My grandfather Andersen took many pictures. All of the images shared today are from his collection. My grandfather was a cobbler. He was retired by the time I was born. Grandpa Andersen was older than Grandma Andersen by quite a few years. He, grandpa Andersen, served in the military during WWI. He never left the states but was a member of the then 101st Cavalry. We have a picture of his group in 1918 at the end of WWI. They would have gone to Europe, but I suspect his group was not sent because it was the end of the war. In fairness, I do not know the reason just that he never went to Europe.

All of the images shared today focused on the year 1963. The last couple of pictures are of my little sister (I think). Grandpa organized all his pictures by year which makes sharing them a little easier. I realized just now in reviewing the pictures that some are still upside down. They were all originally 35 mm slides that were scanned during our family history project. My grandfather often traveled to visit us when my little sister and I were young.

Although, sadly I don’t remember that. My most relevant memories of my grandfather are from a few years earlier. When  I think I was six or seven, I remember being at my grandparent’s house in the Wisconsin Dells. We (my mother and I) walked down to the boardwalk, and the fudge shop while everyone else took a nap. I suspect, the reason they needed a nap was probably me in the first place, but I wasn’t tired!


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