Walking Along the Riverside

Close by I also have the Halifax River. I have not been too close to it yet but I have taken a walk along the street which is lined with houses that look out toward the river. 

As I start my walk I can feel the breezes blowing off of the river and I am greeted by the tallest palm on that side. There are fewer palms here than when I take a walk toward the ocean.

two interesting little lions playing with balls greet me as I go by. 

This was the closest I could get to the river. The cloud formation over the river is interesting and you can see there are other trees but no palms and looking closely you can see a bit of the river. 

On the opposite side are more awesome clouds and a jumble of different trees. Some of them are palms so you can see a pile of palm leaves along the sidewalk. 

What do you think?

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