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Waikato River, Which one is your favourite?

The Waikato River is the longest river in New Zealand. It starts from Waikato Heads close to Auckland and goes down to Lake Taupo. It’s a very beautiful river, very lush and green countryside is around it and often weeping willow trees grow around the river. It’s quite good to have vegetation like the weeping willow around it, as it takes out a lot of pollution out of the water for nutriments and cleans the water.

The Waikato River is wide enough to require a bridge or a boat to cross it and very deep. It’s wise never to swim in Rivers unless you know where it is safe to Swim. Lots of people have drowned in this particular river. Quite often there are hidden things in the river that make it unsafe that is objects or else the very swift and strong current. It’s very important that you do not underestimate any river.

There is a lovely river cruise that you can take at Hamilton Gardens and it lasts an hour. You get a running commentary as you go. I’ve been on it with my husband Warwick and enjoyed it very much. Hamilton Gardens is exceptional as well, and they are some of the loveliest gardens in New Zealand I have seen because there is so much variety. Yes, I prefer my own garden but these are arranged in themes, of different cultures and look very good.

This year we had some floods and the Waikato River gained 8 feet of water and it was interesting to see the results of what the flood did. I will put those photos in another post.

There is also a Waikato Power Plant in Huntly, it is quite a spectacular view. Huntly is a Coal town.

All of these photos are taken by me.


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Written by Pamela Moresby