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Wacky Wednesday – These Creatures

Todays creatures I photographed today.

Some I saw unexpectedly.

In Mangere Bridge and in Ambury Regional Park…..

Peacock in Andes Avenue

It is in Mangere Bridge not far from Ambury Regional Park

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Clydesdale Horse

In Ambury Regional Park, which is also a farm

Sheep Dog

Ambury Regional Park

  1. A sheep dog in New Zealand is a working dog. Farmers swear at their dogs with all sorts of names and the dogs just take it, they are faithful to the farmers anyway.
    In a way the sheep dogs are their best friends because they can say anything they like to the dog.


Ambury Park


Also lives in Ambury Park

Royal Spoonbill and bird life

This is off Kiwi Esplanade in Mangere Bridge

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