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Visiting Luneta Park

Luneta park or Rizal Park is aN urban park located at Roxas Boulevard, Manila. It is said to be one of the largest parks in Asia with its 140 acres area.

Luneta is one of our country’s historical park and also a tourist attraction.

I went there with my friends last Tuesday. Here are some photos of the place.

These two ladies are my friends. ???

Aha..wearing the red pants, that’s ME.

There’s a lot of things we can do here at the park but I was thinking of doing jogging here one time soon. Hihi

Around the park, there’s a lot of blooms and trees and I was able to capture a single photo of this beautiful pink flower.

Carabao, the Philippines national animal.

That’s only the photos of the place I have. I’m sorry we’re on a rush so I wasn’t able to capture more photos.

Good day dear virilians.


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