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Visit UdonThani in North Thailand To See Lots Of Nice Temples

Even on a Dull and over cast day you can still walk about. The temperature will not be less than 25° Celsius. You will find it nice and cool when it over cast or raining.

UdonThani is the Hub in North Thailand for Isan. We have many nice temples and places to visit in UdonThani. We have shrines and land marks all over the city. We have 3 main parks and over 100 temples of mixed sizes and everyone has something  nice for you to see.

Here is a few examples what is on offer for you to see.

This is the City shrine in UdonThani and it’s very popular with locals. You can visit the Nong Prajak park at the same time only 500 meters away.

I hope you will have the chance to visit this place some time and that you will like it too.


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Written by Charles law

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