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Visit the USA By Way of Texas

There is so much in the American news media about tension on the Texas-Mexico border.  Since my family currently resides in the state of Texas this post will share a contrasting view.  My husband and I have decided twice to relocate to Texas.  The first time we moved we lived in Houston for a year.  I loved the city but I hated the flooding.  The second time we moved we lived in El Paso. That’s a great place to live as far as the cost of living is concerned. But there were problems with gangs in the high schools so we made a decision to relocate to the state’s capital:  Austin, Texas.  It was the best decision we ever made.  Moved to Austin in 1998 and have no plans of ever leaving.   The state’s history is interesting.  Texas has had 6 flags flying over it.  At one time it was its own country. But now the Texas state flag and the USA flag wave together.

#1 Awesome Old Movie Poster. The movie that made me love Texas!

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The caption for this share is just an excuse to share an awesome #oldmovieposter . Counting my #blessings. I have lived in 3 #Texascities: #ElPaso, #Houston, and currently reside in #Austin. Visited other cities like #CorpusChristi, #Dallas, and #SanAntonio. Developed a fascination with the 28th state admitted to the Union when I watched the movie “Giant” starring #RockHudson, #ElizabethTaylor, and #JamesDean. That movie made me want to move to #Texas. Did a movie ever influence your life decisions? ~ “Texas is Fascinating: Agree or Disagree “ ~ ~ #favoritemovies #oldmovies #classicmovies #entertainment #travel #travelandvacation #placestovisit #placestolive #blogs #lifestyleblogs #societyandculture #gettoknowme (Image credit:

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Favorite movie with favorite old stars from a magical time in Hollywood.

#2 Quotes About Texas: James Dean

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"I want to be a Texan 24 hours a day." ~ #JamesDean * #FellowTexans on @Instagram. Holler!! * #Texas #AustinTX #quotesaboutTexas #celebrities #celebrityquotes

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#3 Texas Cuisine: Chili is so popular, Texans sing about it at Christmas.

#4 Speaking of Texas and Christmas: The #poinsettia is connected to Texas history.

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The #poinsettia is connected to #Texashistory. ~ “Do You Know the History of the Poinsettia Flowers?” ~ Joel Roberts Poinsett was appointed the first U.S. Minister to Mexico by #President #JohnQuincyAdams in 1825. He was sent to Mexico to renegotiate the U.S.-Mexico border. His mission failed but while he was in #Mexico he found this beautiful plant near Taxco de Alarcón. He cut its stems and had them sent back to the USA for cultivating. His name was Poinsett. Guess what they named the flower? ~ ~ #flowers #flowerslovers #botany #Christmas #holidays #USMexicohistory #ushistory

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    • I was born in December so my mother always told me the flower was associated with my birth month. I thought the Texas connection was very interesting.

#5 Interesting Reading for History Lovers: Law and Order Texas Style

#6 Best Texas City: Austin, the state capital

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If anybody asks me “What is the best US city?”, #AustinTX is at the top of my list. What #UScity is on your list?~ #Texas #Texascities #travel #travelandvacation #placestolive #blogs #lifestyleblogs #societyandculture

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#7 For those who want to read about Texas happenings, this is a good publication.

#8 In Case You Plan to Visit Texas …

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  1. Ah the Lone Star state! Always fun, i have many friends in the great state of Texas. I’ve been many times and love the BBQ!

    (Cowboys football not so much).

    The reality of bad news isn’t just the border. But sad that Texas shoulders a huge border.

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