Uluru-kata Tjuta national park – Conquer The Rock

Along Lasseter Highway, you will encounter one of Australia’s most precious natural gems. A magnificent sandstone monolith stands at a height of three hundred and forty meters and towers above anything else in the region. This is Uluru and it’s considered the red heart of the Australian continent. It’s one of many Australian UNESCO world heritage sites and it has a very deep connection to the indigenous population and their spiritual beliefs. Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park stretches to around a thousand and three hundred square kilometers and it’s full of wonderful ecosystems which feature the most unique flora and fauna you can find. If you need a place to visit, Uluru is definitely it.

1. Have a scenic walk

In order to fully appreciate how grand The Rock is, you need to see it from every angle. If you’re able to make your way to the base of The Rock, you should definitely take a walk with one of the tour guides. They will guide you all the way around The Rock and show you every important detail so you don’t miss anything. You might get a couple of aboriginal stories along the way to immerse you in the history of this great piece of nature.

The Valley of the Winds is a seven-kilometre stretch that tourists are dying to see. Due to the terrain, it’s a three-hour walk that can prove a bit challenging, but you would best believe that it’s absolutely worth the trek. At the end of your journey in the Valley, you get a much better look at Kata Tjuta. Just be sure to prepare a couple of sturdy shoes.

2. Look up at the stars

Most of us have spent our lives living in big cities. When looked at from above, these cities look very bright and they’re quite an eyesore. All of this light disperses evenly at some point and you’re left with a lot of light pollution. Because of this, you rarely see the full extent of the stars in the sky. You can’t truly appreciate the view unless you go to a remote place that artificial light doesn’t reach. Luckily, Uluru-kata Tjuta is just the place to visit.

In this national park, you can see the stars in their natural and untainted form. You will see the southern sky at its absolute brightest. You might encounter constellations you’ve never seen before with your own eyes. Within the guided tours, you’ll get some astronomy mixed in with local lore and legends regarding the stars.

3. Get inspired

Uluru-kata Tjuta national park is one of those places that really bring out the best in you. The scope of the unchanged history that surrounds you can really make you feel small and humble compared to the world. It can be a life-changing experience for those who are spiritually inclined.

It can really make you appreciate Australia a lot more. In fact, some people are so inspired that they choose to stay in the country to better appreciate more of nature and history. If you ultimately decide you want to live in Australia, you should consider seeking help from legal experts for helpful immigration advice. There are very few countries that have such varied natural resources that you can explore.

4. Don’t miss the cultural center

You can’t have a trip to Uluru-kata Tjuta national park without visiting its cultural center. It’s one of the most iconic parts of the area. Not only will you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, but you can also absorb some of the history and rich culture that surrounds it.

Locals will guide you through the center and share what they know of indigenous history. You will find out how the indigenous people used every natural resource imaginable for food, shelter, and medicine. It’s a fascinating trek through a more practical side of history. There are a variety of frescoes and wall displays that will prove to be quite educational. If you’re lucky, you might even get to throw a replica of the original native boomerangs.


If you need a magnificent sight anywhere in Australia, this is definitely the location to visit. You can have a history lesson and spiritual awakening all in one. If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park, make sure you experience it to the fullest extent. Take every possible tour while sightseeing to get the full experience during your trip. It’s a wonder of nature that deserves all the attention it can get.


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