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Trip to Mallorca – Pearl of the Balearic Islands

Returning to the places from which you started to explore other countries, having barely entered adulthood, has a special shade of happiness. You see everything that surrounds you, not just with the eyes of a traveler, with the eyes of a man at the age of whom you first saw Palma de Mallorca. Yes, I was very young when first visited Mallorca, and from there started my love for traveling. 

So many years have passed from my first visit, and now, when I visited it the third time, it looked like nothing changed too much. From the height of bird flight through plane’s window float fields, cut by roads.

A mill appeared – one, the second, third – one of the symbols of Spain. I do not know about you, but I have a well-established stereotype: Spain is Don Quixote, Don Quixote is Spain, and therefore the mills. True, the functionality of the mill is completely different. The aircraft door opened and we set foot on Spanish ground. Hello Palma de Mallorca! Wrap me in your warm breath and in the rhythm of the passionate Flamenco, take me into your fairy-tale world!

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, at first glance, nothing much has changed. Only we have changed – have matured and aged. And if on the first trip, being quite young, I explored the whole island and visited places appropriate for the young years, this time I and my husband planned a purely quiet vacation, a celebration of our wedding anniversary. 

We rented a car. As you understand, there are no problems with this,  you need only money.  This trip and our rest on the island began from the Cape Formentor. We saw the route in the navigator, and it did not anticipate any large settlements and at least some remarkable historical places. You can say we went “goat paths.” Sometimes it even seemed that we were alone on this island. But, as the road approached the final destination of our journey through Mallorca, the pictures outside the window came to life. The destination – breathtaking. 

A few days can be compared with the “seal rest” when we decided not to go anywhere, but just lie on the beach, which was located directly under the windows of the hotel. The coastline of the beach is quite long. There are pedestrian and bicycle paths in front of the beach along its entire length. To be honest, we have never managed to go from beginning to end, the path is really long. During the day, there were not many people who wanted to walk along the path. This is understandable, it is hot in the sun. All sought in the water. But in the evening the whole “Broadway” came to life.

From bars, pubs, cafes sounded music. Under the rhythm of music, bright lights shone brightly. There are so many people that in the full sense of the word it is not possible to move freely. In the pedestrian zone, at every corner, you can participate in any show – to your taste. Inflate huge soap balls, be a listener of mini-concerts of street musicians, etc.

If you like shopping, then such small shops will graciously give you pleasure: clothes, costume jewelry, souvenirs, bags, shoes.

I was pleased that closer to midnight loud music, bursting out of the bars  suddenly shut up, and the hotels sank into sleep, and their guests collected strength for the next “conquest of the island.”

All other days we just explored the island again and again searching for places that we still missed in last our trip here.  Unforgettable island! And very popular with Europeans!

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