Trip to Coramandel – Hauraki Plains

I will just give you  4 main photos on the way to the Coralmandel Peninsula from Auckland. This is the Hauraki Plains.

You drive straight for many miles over peat under the roads. You get hidden bumps under the surface. It could easily flood here and a lot of the land here is rural farmland.

In the distance, you see the Coralmandel ranges

I have more pictures but a lot look like these. More information and photos another time.

Stopped to take this photo

As I said you drive for miles to get to the Coromandel ranges. Scenery is not all the same but it doesn't pay to get too tired driving.

We often stopped and changed drivers. That way you don't get too tired.

Coralmandel ranges in sight

Clouds over Coramandel Ranges & Farmland

A farmhouse, poplar trees and land and clouds over Coramandel ranges.

This is the initial road to Whitianga.

Hauraki plains

This is farmland and in the distance, a clearer view of Coromandel ranges. 

Its a lovely drive, but take care not to get too tired. If you do, stop and rest. 

May mention it, but there is some cafes on the way. Part of the enjoyment of travel.

View of Clouds over Coralmandel Ranges

Often you need to pay attention on this road, you may meet huge trucks and some are logging trucks.

My sister told me she was driving along this road and just woke up to miss a logging truck. An angel must have woken her up. Im grateful to still have my sister.

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