Travelling Abroad: Prevent Losing Your Baggage with These Tips

When travelling abroad, there are several valuables you would like to carry. You would like to carry cash, credit cards, and important travel documents. Always ensure you keep your luggage safe as you travel abroad. Pack your valuables in a bag and ensure they are all safe. It is recommended to take photos of the luggage so that you can easily claim it if it is lost. Some travellers prefer buying new briefcases so that they can have enough space to carry their luggage. In such a case, they should take the bags just if other travellers carry similar carry bags. Always stay alert when carrying your valuables. When in public places, the backpack should be secured using zips to avoid cases where it can be targeted.

1. Get a travel insurance

When travelling, you may like to carry expensive cameras to take photos in your tourist destination. Smartphones and laptops are also necessary when travelling on a business trip. Losing the valuables can be hard to replace. It is essential to ensure you get travel insurance policy that protects the values if they are stolen during the trip. People lose valuables as they travel, and the insurance policy can be a great way to make them achieve peace of mind as they travel. Compare several insurance policy providers and choose the best. Some insurance companies are known to offer the best travel insurance coverage.

2. Carry your bags

It is normal to make new friends as you travel. It is good practice to only pack and carries your luggage. Desist from helping other people you see at the airport to carry their bags. Some new-found friends can ask you to carry for them the luggage only to end up being caught by security checks of having illegal substances. There are even cases where people have ended up in jail due to carrying bags that contain illegal drugs. It will be hard to explain, and the security checks will end up detaining you.

3. Get the right luggage locks

TSA has recommended some locks. You need to stick to such locks as you try to secure your bag. It is necessary because the locks will be easy for the security team at the airport to open using master keys instead of cutting your briefcase. Check on the TSA website, and you will know a list of locks you can get and will help keep your items secure s you travel.

4. Apply zip ties for the luggage

Zip ties are necessary to make your luggage easy to identify. You can use coloured ties so that it can be easy to identify your luggage during the move. The ties are easy to cut when you would like to open the bags, but they offer some hindrance to other people who may be opportunistic. The ties are easy to apply, and they will play a great role in keeping your luggage secure during the move.

5. Avoid carrying items you can’t afford to lose

There are some items with sentimental value, and you can’t afford to lose them. Try to pack only things you need during the trip and avoid those items you hold close to your heart. It is necessary to avoid such items so that you can travel with peace of mind. In most cases, people go abroad for vacations as a way of trying to decompress. It will be hard to concentrate if you are thinking about the valuable items you are carrying each time.

6. Avoid leaving your bag unattended

Always ensure you keep watch of your luggage. There are places such as the beach, café, airport lounge, and hotel reception, where you may have to place the bag on the floor. In such areas, ensure you keep watch of the luggage. If the hotel has safes, then you can utilize them. Ask the attendants about the reliability of the safes before you can leave your luggage with them. If you leave the luggage in your hotel room, ensure you lock the zips and inform the attendants about them. The attendants will advise on safe locations to leave the bags.

7. Keep valuables with you

You may carry a big backpack that will only fit on the roof of the bus. In such a case, you need to remove all valuables and have them in your daypack. The daypack should be secured using locks and ties. The zips should be closed at all times as you travel. The simple measures you take will keep the luggage safe at all times.

8. Place your contact information and itinerary inside the bag with valuables

Having contact information inside the bag will make it easy to locate it if it goes missing. The bag will be finally opened in case the authority locates it. It would be easy for good people to track and return the bag if you left the contact information. Have your cell phone numbers and other relevant information to make it easy for them to reach you fast.

9. Go to Baggage Claim Quickly

Your luggage can easily get stolen at the luggage carousel. To avoid cases where other travellers with ill intentions can take advantage and steal your luggage, you should avail yourself of the luggage claim section as fast as possible. Get hold of your luggage and move out. Arriving at the luggage carrousel early increases the chances of locating someone else who may claim your luggage falsely.

The above are simple tricks you can apply to keep your luggage safe when travelling. Always keep an eye on your luggage, and your travel will be smooth.


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