Traveler & Gourmet Food Lover: Meet The Girl With The Sophisticated Lifestyle!

This traveler girl, known as Tara Milk Tea is a famous blogger. She is well known for her wonderful photos, that are so enjoyable to see. Her home place is Sydney, but the ambitions and desires won’t let her stay in the same place.  Traveling is her greatest passion and hobby.

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The colorfulness of her lifestyle

Her colorful lifestyle provides the best scenes and sights. And she has captured all these moments on camera.  We can have a sneak peak into the moments she has enjoyed for now by viewing her blog. From Singapore to Mexico,London, Paris , New York this girl spins the globe. However, not only traveling is a thing that she loves. She goes far more beyond and adopts a whole lifestyle that says “live the moment”. We can see that she likes to enjoy life and all it’s luxuries. Sipping a coffee next to a big window with a beautiful sight is a thing we can see. Seems that she loves to have picnics with friends in a place far away. She enjoys good gourmet food, and also good relaxation in the bathtub. All that with pretty details.

See for yourself! Enjoy the gallery of Tara’s adventures and get to know her lifestyle!

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