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Travel Tips

Most people are not born apt travelers. If you are a first-time traveler, it is okay to make some mistakes. You may miss your cab or bus, be unaware of the culture of the country you are visiting and the list goes on. But eventually, you will find yourself moving from one airport to another, and you will be good at anything related to travel and adventure.

List of Travel Tips

Here is a list of best travel tips to help you, whether it is your first time to travel or not.

  • Pack Light

Every time you travel, whether it is local or international, packing light is the best idea. You do not want to pay for additional baggage costs, right? Just bring the travel essentials. For instance, a few sets of clothing for summer or winter. You may repeat your outfits by mixing and matching if you want to. Choose a comfortable and lightweight outfit that can be layered. Also, bring a pair of comfortable shoes, scarves, underwear, etc.

  • Bring extra debit and credit card

Unfortunate things may happen during your trip. You may lose your stuff or get robbed. That is why it is necessary to bring extra debit and credit cards. Put it in a secret pocket. Also, your favorite debit or credit card may not work in some establishments specifically abroad so make sure to have a back-up. Make sure not to have too many of them.

  • Bring extra copies of your passport and other travel documents

Going on an international trip can be fun and exciting. See to it that you prepare your passport and other travel documents a few months before the actual date of your departure. Bring extra copies of each just in case your passport gets stolen, and so you can report it to the authorities right away. Send some to your email address, too.

  • Visit historical sites

Always make sure that you learn something new every day, and you can do it by educating yourself with the latest news in your own country and around the world. Also, when you are traveling, do not miss the chance of visiting some historical sites. It will help you in gaining some learnings that you can impart with your family or friends.

  • Bring a first aid kit

Having a first-aid kit comes in handy during emergencies — when nearby clinic or hospital is not available, and there is no one to give you firsthand medical attention. Bring some medicines for allergies and pain, adhesives, antibacterial ointments, bandages, gauges, and multivitamins to name some. If you are taking prescription drugs, make sure that it comes in the original packaging. 

  • Book airline tickets ahead of time

Booking airline tickets ahead of time can help you save a lot of money, specifically, if you will be traveling during the holiday season because, during this time or peak season, prices of airline tickets are steeper. Moreover, airline companies hardly sell cheap tickets unless there is a seat sale.

  • Take advantage of free tours

Take advantage of free walking tours. Sometimes when you stay overnight in a hotel or resort, it comes with a free tour. Last year, I was able to enjoy a free 1-hour heritage tour in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar because we stayed in one of the Spanish-inspired hotel rooms for a night. I have learned a lot from it which I have imparted with my younger sister. Now, she is looking forward to visiting Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar one of these days.

  • Get travel insurance

Having travel insurance will help in saving you a lot of money. If you get ill or your flight gets canceled, or you have become a victim of a robbery, travel insurance can save you for spending thousands of dollars. Make sure to deal with a trusted insurance company, though. There are many insurance companies out there that promise to give you what you need, but some are a scam, and the rest fail to fulfill what they have promised. Take time to read reviews and do not hesitate to ask questions to people who are previous customers of the insurance company you are eyeing.

Aside from this list, you have to get a book or do research about the place you are visiting. Read the do’s and don’ts and check the bulletin online for travel advisories. Moreover, consider pre-booking the attractions to save time and money and secure your slot. Do it online but make sure that the website is safe to use because more often than not, you will be using your debit or credit card or PayPal account to make a payment.


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