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Trajan’s Gate

Trajan’s Gate is the name of a passage and a fortress.

The ancient name of the passage is Sookie, and after 6th century it is also called the Greek name Vasiliki Putli (“King’s Gate”), and from the IX century also the Bulgarian Gate.

The modern name Trajan’s Gate comes from the improper assignment of the Roman fortress in the passage of Emperor Trajan (53-117). In fact, it is a later facility – the restored ruins in the pass, known as “Trayanovi Door Fortress”, are the remains of the Senos fortress complex, built in the 5th century. Argues that the trademark “Trayanova Vrata” was first used in the XV century in the chronicle “The Hungarian Kingdom” by Antonio Bonfini, describing the crusade of King Vladislav Varnenchik against the Ottoman Empire in 1443-1444. After the Liberation, when many historical sources and studies began to be published, the name Trajan’s Gate quickly became popular and was imposed as a historical, geographical and administrative term, officially used for the area and passage today.

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