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Tour de Thomas: Ohio Street Beach

I had the interest in switching my charity for today’s ride, but went along with my monthly charity benefiting ‘Sight for kids‘. I kept thinking to myself how sweet it would be to support a charity that benefits homeless individuals while converting my mileage ran or cycled like such. So far this month I have a total of 44 combined miles ran & cycled benefiting Sight for kids charity.

Today’s route took me out from East Garfield Park towards Chicago’s Lakefront path with no goal of a turnaround point until I hit the Lakefront path. I actually stalled as I entered the Lakefront path debating on making a trip to Soldier Field, but ended up heading towards Navy Pier instead. I ended up changing my mind heading to Ohio Street Beach while cycling along the bridge being amongst many tourists and fitness enthusiasts. Shockingly, Ohio Street Beach wasn’t filled with beach goers, as it is on warm days. I think many may have headed towards either Oak Street Beach or North Avenue Beach. 

Haymarket Center – Chicago

Monument with standing Beast by Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet

Miles in support of Sight for kids

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I'm a military veteran, a Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities, and a college student pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'm a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover. I fell in love with writing during my second semester of college, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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          • No no, you didn’t understand, I meant communication became overwhelming due to the conflicts, also my rewarding to other people is not always appreciated…

            I think some have, and there are some who are praising me and appreciating my efforts while there is a user who I heard and read constantly speak against me and my articles about Virily… He considers them negative (probably because of my criticism towards the admins sometimes)… He also thinks he is always right and that he knows everything but he was actually wrong a couple of times – the reasons why we fought in the first place… He is very frustrating for me and turning other members against me with his know-it-all articles and the things he writes about me… He is also looking at my communications with other people and then writes about that and telling other people what and how to do about the things I wrote about to another person…

          • PS Yes, some are really appreciating of that… I don’t say I know everything, and I can be wrong too but then I correct myself publicly or just let myself be wrong…

          • Yes, I agree… I think he reads my articles about Virily problems and expressing his opinion on the subject while also mentioning the negativity in them… He also writes articles about “negativity” on the site generally while I believe he actually means me for my public conflicting comments sometimes… He also reads my comments to some other people, interpreting it in his own way, and then immediately writes an article about the theme of my comments… He considers me a bully while irritating me with such articles and when I react (of course I will react if someone is implying something like that…!!! 😐 ) he reports my comments…!

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            But these are actually some things that were caused in a way by other people… Yes, my part is that I was overreacting sometimes taking some things they were saying or doing too personally while instead I should have just ignored them…

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