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Top 10 sights to visit in Brazil – the country of the famous carnival

Travel to Brazil is like a dance in Samba Rhythm. It is not just Rio de Janeiro or other coastal cities. In particular, Brazil is a rich natural country. In this country there is all that, and more: both the colorful towns of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, and the national parks covered by table hills, blue-laced sand dunes, Iguazu waterfalls and colorful colonial townships.

Scenery beaches, wildlife, juicy tropical fruits, smiling faces, magnificent Amazonian forests, all this is an unforgettable vacation in Brazil. Each year, the great country attracts more and more tourists from all over the world, the wonders of nature are luscious with their charm, the greatness and a beauty of the cities and the famous carnival … there is probably not one who did not hear about the colorful carnival throughout Brazil, so plan the trip to Brasil and include at least one day of carnival, where you can enter into the bustle of dance, music and colors.Time to know Brazil!


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  1. There is a church that I want to see if I ever go to Brazil (which probably won’t happen unless I end up as a missionary there). Right off hand, I can’t remember the name of it. lol It is a village church, though, not something in Brazilia.

  2. I have been to Rio in August 1985. But it was quiet at that time. i remember Barra Mall, little light blue and white VW Bug taxis, some factories, Jesus statue, beaches, and just walking around in the streets.