Top 10 most famous places to visit in Uganda

Not so long ago, many of the world’s people, who generally knew the country on behalf of Uganda, linked it with one name, Idi Amin. To the power, this former boxer as a General came after overthrowing the first independent Ugandan leader. Although Amin only ruled for eight years, he became famous for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans

Once upon a time, after traveling to Uganda, Winston Churchill called the country “African pearl”. This phrase is now used in most of the country’s ads and does not really lie because, despite all the misery of the past, Uganda has become one of the safest and fastest growing African countries.

In Uganda, in addition to traditional African safari animals – lions, elephants, hippopotamus, gazelles, zebras, giraffes or crocodiles – you will meet in close proximity even with the two species of great monkeys – chimpanzees and gorillas.


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