Top 10 most famous places to visit in TOGO

Togo surprises travelers with a variety of landscapes – from lakes and palm-covered beaches along the Atlantic Ocean to the wavy green hills in the center of the country, while traveling to the northern part of the country, the lush tropical rainforest image falls and the landscapes turn into light green and yellowish shades of Savannah.

Travel to Togo will give you a chance to get to know more about the magic voodoo culture. The capital city of Togo, Lome, is characterized by a mixture of traditions and modernity. The heart of the old city is the ancient, huge market, and close to it, you can visit the macabre and magnificent world-famous Akodessewa –  Vudu market.

You can also find the Togolese National Museum, a national library. Paradoxically, the charm of the Lome Cathedral stands next to the complete opposite – Akodessewa Vudu market. Togoville is another contrasted city, located next to the largest lake in Togo. Here you will find many mysterious Vudu temples and a Roman Catholic cathedral dating back to the colonial times.

If you want to dive into the authentic culture of a country, then you have to go to Kutamak. There are a Tamari people living in this area. Some of the Togo symbols are clay houses similar to the towers. There are various traditional ceremonies showed here, and you can watch it all with your own eyes.


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Written by Fortune